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Converting LinkedIn Ads Examples & AI Tools to Generate Ads

best linkedin ads for lead generation


    On LinkedIn, a prominent B2B-oriented platform, networking and professional development are impossible without lead generation – one of the most powerful drivers of innovation in the 21 st century. With a monthly membership totaling over 830 million individuals worldwide, this platform allows for a direct connection with professionals and decision-makers in many sectors.

    The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities into advertising strategies greatly increases their effectiveness. AI technologies are changing the way firms design, manage, and optimize their advertising campaigns. These solutions not only simplify the ad design process, but they also improve ad performance with data-driven insights and automation. AI-powered solutions can forecast the performance of various ad components, ranging from picture to text, and recommend changes that are consistent with engagement metrics and conversion goals. Businesses may use these advanced technology to create more attractive commercials, adapt their messaging more precisely, and achieve better results in their lead generation operations.

    Understanding LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

    LinkedIn ads are targeted advertisements created exclusively for LinkedIn’s professional environment, with the primary goal of generating leads by engaging potential clients or consumers directly via the network. These advertisements are designed to attract the attention of business professionals and decision-makers, allowing for interactions and conversations that can lead to business prospects and sales.

    Types of LinkedIn Ads Most Effective for Generating Leads

    1. Sponsored Content

    Sponsored Content is a paid advertisement that is displayed directly in the LinkedIn feed like any other post, so it is much less annoying and annoying to users. They can contain an article, video, or graphic image with information about your company’s service or product, increasing its popularity and improving lead generation with valuable content improving its audience on LinkedIn.

    2. Message Ads

    Message Ads allow you to send highly personalized, targeted messages directly to the LinkedIn inboxes of your target audience. This approach is very useful, especially for lead generation, as the receiver tends to be more inclined to reach back out to the sender because of the personal approach. This is a good way to promote a webinar, event, or send a direct personalized solution based on information from the receiver’s profile.

    3. Dynamic Ads

    Dynamic Ads use a viewer’s LinkedIn profile information – like their photo, company name, or job title – to automatically customize the ad content for the viewer. Since they are, by nature, more appealing to viewers due to their relevance, they are hugely successful for personal marketing on a large scale. They are used to advertise job applications, content downloads, or follow a company page, and each interaction is a potential lead.

    How LinkedIn Ads Work

    Step-by-Step Process of Setting Up a LinkedIn Ad Campaign

    • Set up a Campaign. Manager account on LinkedIn. This is your advertising dashboard, where you can plan and execute campaigns.
    • Choose your objective. Choose a campaign aim that is relevant to your goals, such as lead generation, brand exposure, or website visits.
    • Define your audience. Use LinkedIn’s targeting parameters to determine who will view your advertising. You can narrow down your search by region, firm, job title, industry, education, and other criteria.
    • Select the ad format. Choose the sort of advertisement you want to run. LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising forms, including Sponsored Content, Message Ads, and Dynamic Ads.
    • Set up your ads. Create your advertising by combining photos, text, and links. You will need many photos or video files to create video or carousel ads.

    Targeting Options on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn provides a range of targeting options that allow advertisers to reach specific segments of professional audiences:

    • Demographic Targeting: Age, gender, and location.
    • Company Targeting: Company name, industry, size.
    • Job Experience Targeting: Job title, function, seniority, years of experience.
    • Education Targeting: Schools attended, degrees, fields of study.
    • Interests and Traits Targeting: Member groups, interests, and skills.

    These targeting features ensure that campaigns reach the most relevant audiences, increasing the likelihood of achieving campaign objectives.

    Budgeting and Bidding Strategies for LinkedIn Ads

    • Setting a Budget. LinkedIn allows you to choose either a daily budget or a total budget for your campaign. The minimum daily budget is typically $10.

    • Choosing a Bidding Strategy. LinkedIn offers several bidding strategies:

      • Cost Per Click (CPC): Best for action-oriented campaigns (e.g., lead generation).
      • Cost Per Impression (CPM): Ideal for brand awareness campaigns.
      • Cost Per Send (CPS): Used for Sponsored InMail campaigns, charged per sent message.
    • Optimizing Your Bid. LinkedIn provides a suggested bid range based on the competitiveness of your target audience. Bidding within or above the suggested range can improve the likelihood of your ad being shown.

    Benefits of Using LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

    Any business that wishes to generate leads most efficiently can benefit from using LinkedIn Ads.

    The first and foremost reason for that lies in the reach of the platform and the fact that businesses can target top-tier professionals and decision-makers. The platform has millions of users representing organizations across all industries and professional levels. Businesses can use the platform to connect with senior officers, managers, and others who wield significant influence in certain sectors.

    Second, ads are integrated into the professional content of the platform, raising the credibility and likelihood of engagement associated with these ads. Given the professional context of the content, users are more likely to perceive such ads as knowledgeable and relevant to the topic, boosting the desire to engage with the organizations.

    Finally, LinkedIn provides advertisers with access to extremely detailed metrics and analytics for their ads . Advertisers can use this data, which includes the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions, to judge the performance of the advertisements. It is critical for optimizing the campaigns and determining how to run ads in the future with a high return on investment.

    The Primary Challenges of Creating Effective LinkedIn Ads

    Considering the above tips, it is important to outline the major challenges of ads creation on the platform. First and foremost, it is the question of creativity and formality. The primary purpose of this social platform is, first and foremost, to look like a platform for professionals. This, however, does not mean that users of the platform cannot create colorful, exciting announcements; however, the level of formality between one or the other must be balanced. If the banner is too “distinct” or, conversely, too dull, users simply ignore it, as it is boring or simply irrelevant.

    A second limitation is the point of ad fatigue. This happens when users are already fed up with the sight of the advertisement since they have seen almost the same thing for the hundredth time. In other words, the content must be updated, probably creating several aspects of the ad but not being a direct copy of the previous one. All the tips described above must be done as flexible as possible, this applies not only to wording but also to the overall impression, how successful the ad campaign on LinkedIn will directly depend on this.

    You also need to be especially careful with LinkedIn’s ads policy. The platform has a very strict advertising policy, so each banner should be carefully considered not only in terms of creativity and relevance but also the letter of the law.

    AI Tools for Streamlining LinkedIn Ad Creation

    Благодаря искусственному интеллекту появились более эффективные способы создания рекламных кампаний, в том числе в LinkedIn, где таргетинг и точность особенно важны. Инструменты искусственного интеллекта автоматизируют многие процессы: от генерации рекламных текстов и составления изображений до аналитики и оптимизации. Опишем некоторые инструменты искусственного интеллекта в трех областях, которые наиболее востребованы при создании рекламы для LinkedIn.



    ResonateHQ provides a free AI-driven LinkedIn Ads Generator, which is great for small businesses or those new to LinkedIn advertising. It streamlines the ad development process by automatically creating ad language and recommending design components based on campaign goals and target demographic. ResonateHQ focuses on making ad production simple and straightforward, with a user-friendly interface that enables marketers to quickly create ads that are optimized for engagement and conversion.


    adcreative uses machine learning algorithms to improve the creativity and performance of your commercials by analyzing thousands of ad components. This tool recommends the most successful mix of photos, content, and layout for attracting the target audience. also integrates with leading advertising platforms, allowing for the smooth production and deployment of commercials. It’s especially valuable for businesses trying to increase their ad operations while maintaining the quality and distinctiveness of each ad.


    Predis distinguishes out for its emphasis on predictive analytics. This tool uses historical ad performance and current market trends to forecast the probable success of various ad pieces before they go online. It enables advertisers to make more informed judgments by revealing which headlines, descriptions, and images are most likely to resonate with their target demographic. is great for marketers looking to optimize their ads using historical data and predictive results, minimizing guesswork and increasing ROI.


    Texta specializes in developing captivating ad content with powerful natural language processing algorithms. It creates ad text based on the audience’s interests and habits, ensuring that each message is both entertaining and relevant. can generate a wide range of content, from simple call-to-actions to lengthy product descriptions, making it a useful tool for any LinkedIn advertiser running text-heavy campaigns.


    Hypotenuse provides full solutions for creating both text and imagery for adverts using cutting-edge AI. It automates the creative process by allowing users to enter basic concepts, which the AI then develops into fully developed ad campaigns. This includes creating interesting narratives and visually appealing images that are tailored to user involvement. is especially useful for brands seeking to maintain a consistent but unique advertising presence across several media.

    Examples of Successful LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation


    hubspot ads

    HubSpot used a series of Sponsored Content ads featuring downloadable content such as eBooks and whitepapers on topics like “Inbound Marketing” and “Sales Techniques.”

    • Success Factors. The ads were successful due to their direct value proposition and clear call-to-action (“Download Now”). HubSpot effectively targeted individuals in marketing and sales roles, leveraging LinkedIn’s ability to pinpoint professional demographics. The visual and textual content was both informative and professionally appealing, which resonated well with their target audience.
    • Metrics. The campaign achieved a 20% increase in eBook downloads and a 15% higher lead conversion rate compared to previous campaigns.



    Adobe ran a LinkedIn Message Ad campaign to promote its Creative Cloud services, specifically targeting professionals in creative industries. 

    • Success Factors. Adobe’s use of personalized messages helped the campaign feel more engaging and direct. The copy was succinct and focused on how Adobe’s services could help creative professionals achieve more. The targeted approach, focusing on users with job titles related to design and multimedia, ensured high relevance and engagement.
    • Metrics. Adobe’s campaign reported a 30% uplift in engagement rates and a 25% increase in sign-ups for Creative Cloud from the targeted creative industries.

    Google Cloud


    Google Cloud used Sponsored Content ads to highlight customer success stories and case studies demonstrating how their solutions aid business growth.

    • Success Factors. The use of real-world examples and narratives in their ads helped create a connection with their audience, particularly IT professionals and decision-makers in enterprises. The visuals were clean and aligned with Google’s branding, which helped maintain trust and authority.
    • Metrics. This campaign led to a 40% increase in page visits from the ads and a 22% growth in qualified leads interested in enterprise solutions.



    Microsoft leveraged Sponsored InMail to promote its certification programs directly to IT professionals and students.

    • Success Factors. The personalized InMail approach was key, as it made recipients feel individually selected for an opportunity to advance their careers with Microsoft certifications. The message was clear and compelling, directly addressing the benefits and outcomes of the certification, and it was delivered to a highly specific audience, which improved its effectiveness.
    • Metrics. Microsoft’s InMail campaign saw an open rate of 65% and a completion rate for the certification sign-up process of 20%, significantly above industry standards.


    Salesforce used Dynamic Ads to promote its CRM solutions, with ads personalized to show the viewer’s own name or company in the ad content.

    • Success Factors. Salesforce’s use of Dynamic Ads ensured that each ad was tailored to the individual seeing it, making the ad more relevant and engaging. The incorporation of familiar details (like the viewer’s name or company) alongside a strong value proposition (“Improve customer relationships”) made the ads more personal and persuasive.
    • Metrics. Salesforce experienced a 50% higher click-through rate (CTR) on personalized ads compared to non-personalized formats and a 10% increase in demo requests.

    Integrating LinkedIn Ads with AnyBiz for Enhanced Lead Generation

    Anybiz dashboard

    AnyBiz revolutionizes B2B lead generation by employing AI-driven sales agents that automate and enhance the sales process for businesses. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, AnyBiz’s virtual agents engage potential customers through personalized, multi-channel outreach, ensuring that each prospect receives a message tailored to their recent activities and interests. This high degree of personalization, combined with continuous learning and optimization of strategies based on the analysis of over 10,000 data points every hour, significantly boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of sales campaigns. AnyBiz offers a comprehensive solution that supports both outbound and inbound sales activities and manages brand awareness around the clock.

    How to Synergize LinkedIn Ad Strategies with AnyBiz’s AI-Driven Outreach Capabilities

    Anybiz LinkedIn

    Integrating LinkedIn ad strategies with AnyBiz’s capabilities can create a powerful synergy that maximizes lead generation efforts. Here’s how businesses can combine these tools:

    Targeted Outreach

    Use LinkedIn ads to increase brand visibility and attract potential leads by targeting specific professional demographics. Once these prospects engage with your ad or visit your website, AnyBiz’s IP recognition technology can identify the company details of the visitors. This allows AnyBiz to perform targeted follow-ups, enhancing the chances of converting impressions into actionable leads.

    Seamless CRM Integration

    As LinkedIn ads draw in leads, AnyBiz’s integration with existing CRM systems ensures that all lead information is captured and utilized effectively. This seamless integration allows for the automatic initiation of personalized outreach campaigns via AnyBiz, based on the data gathered from LinkedIn interactions.

    Multi-Channel Engagement

    While LinkedIn ads provide a strong platform for initial engagement, AnyBiz’s multi-channel capabilities ensure that the conversation continues across various platforms including email, LinkedIn messaging, and even Twitter. This holistic approach ensures multiple touchpoints with the prospect, greatly increasing the likelihood of conversion.

    Benefits of Using AnyBiz Alongside LinkedIn Ads for a Comprehensive Lead Generation Strategy

    1. Enhanced Personalization and Relevance. AnyBiz’s AI-driven tools tailor communications based on the specific behaviors and interests of each lead, which means messages are always relevant and timely. When used in conjunction with the broad reach and professional targeting of LinkedIn ads, this results in highly effective lead generation campaigns.

    2. Increased Efficiency and Scalability. The automation features of AnyBiz reduce the manual effort needed to manage lead interactions and follow-ups. This allows businesses to scale their lead generation efforts more effectively without additional resources, handling more leads with greater precision.

    3. Improved Conversion Rates. The synergy between LinkedIn’s targeted advertising and AnyBiz’s smart follow-up strategies significantly improves the conversion rates from lead to customer. The continuous optimization of outreach messages and strategies by AnyBiz ensures that businesses are always using the most effective approach.

    In essence, integrating LinkedIn ads with AnyBiz’s sophisticated AI-driven tools provides a comprehensive and efficient strategy that not only generates leads but also nurtures them through to conversion, maximizing the ROI of digital marketing efforts.


    In this article, we’ve examined how combining LinkedIn ads with AnyBiz’s AI-driven capabilities creates a robust lead generation strategy. LinkedIn’s targeted ads effectively reach key professionals, setting the stage for initial engagement. AnyBiz enhances this by automating follow-ups and personalizing interactions through its sophisticated AI tools, which learn and optimize continuously to improve engagement and conversions.

    By integrating LinkedIn’s reach with AnyBiz’s automation and personalization, businesses can capture and convert leads more efficiently, maximizing both outreach potential and sales outcomes. Leveraging these advanced technologies offers a cutting-edge approach to lead generation, enabling businesses to scale effectively and achieve sustainable growth. This synergy not only simplifies the lead generation process but also significantly boosts its effectiveness, making it an ideal strategy for businesses aiming to enhance their market presence and sales performance.


    What are LinkedIn ads, and how do they help in lead generation?

    LinkedIn ads are targeted advertisements placed on the LinkedIn platform, designed to reach professionals and decision-makers in various industries. These ads help in lead generation by allowing businesses to precisely target and engage their ideal audience with relevant content and offers.

    How can AI tools enhance the creation of LinkedIn ads?

    AI tools can enhance LinkedIn ad creation by automating and optimizing various aspects of the advertising process, such as ad design, copywriting, and targeting. These tools use data-driven insights to improve ad relevance and effectiveness, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

    What are some examples of effective LinkedIn ad formats for lead generation?

    Effective LinkedIn ad formats for lead generation include Sponsored Content, which appears directly in the user's feed; Message Ads, which deliver personalized messages to users' inboxes; and Dynamic Ads, which personalize content based on user profile data.

    Can AI tools completely automate the LinkedIn ad creation process?

    Yes, several AI tools are designed to fully automate the LinkedIn ad creation process, from generating text and images to optimizing bids and targeting. Tools like and are examples that provide end-to-end automation capabilities for creating high-performance LinkedIn ads.

    What are the key features to look for in an AI tool for generating LinkedIn ads?

    Key features to look for in an AI tool for LinkedIn ads include the ability to generate creative content, predict ad performance, automate targeting and bidding strategies, and provide analytics for ongoing optimization.

    How do I integrate LinkedIn ads with AnyBiz for enhanced lead generation?

    To integrate LinkedIn ads with AnyBiz, start by using LinkedIn ads to attract leads and capture their details. AnyBiz can then use its AI-driven capabilities to perform targeted follow-ups based on the interactions and data collected from LinkedIn, ensuring a seamless transition from lead capture to conversion.

    Are there any specific industries or sectors that benefit most from using LinkedIn ads and AI tools like AnyBiz?

    While LinkedIn ads and AI tools like AnyBiz are versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries, they are particularly effective in B2B sectors, technology, education, and professional services where reaching specific professional demographics is crucial for success.