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Zopto Reviews
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Ready to be your business hero?
Ready to be your business hero?

Zopto is unique in the market because it is cloud-based software that changes the way social selling and lead creation work on LinkedIn. It uses advanced AI tools to streamline and improve the speed of sales processes. It’s a complete solution for businesses that want to increase their lead conversion and outreach rates.

If you want to know how Zopto stacks up against AnyBiz.io, this piece will go into great detail about its features, pricing, and other options. This piece will help people who want to use Zopto decide which tool is best for their business by looking at what the company offers, what customers have said about it, and how it stacks up against other options.

What is Zopto?


Zopto has emerged as a prominent player in the realm of LinkedIn automation and omni-channel sales platforms. The company’s journey began with the goal of simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of lead generation and sales processes for businesses of all sizes. Zopto’s development was motivated by the need to offer a more integrated and automated approach to LinkedIn networking, targeting, and engagement.

Core Features of Zopto

Zopto reviews

1. LinkedIn Automation Tools

  • Profile Viewer. Automatically views LinkedIn profiles of potential leads, increasing visibility and engagement.
  • Connection Requests. Sends automated personalized connection requests to expand your network strategically.
  • Messaging. Automates sending of personalized messages to new connections, saving time and increasing interaction rates.

2. Omni-Channel Campaigns

  • Email Campaigns. Integrates with email platforms to run synchronized campaigns across LinkedIn and email, enhancing reach and consistency.
  • Twitter Engagement. Engages with prospects on Twitter, broadening the scope of social selling beyond LinkedIn.

3. Advanced Targeting and Filtering

  • Sales Navigator Integration. Maximizes the use of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator for more precise targeting and filtering of prospects.
  • Smart Lists. Allows users to create and manage lists of prospects based on specific criteria, ensuring focused and effective outreach.

4. Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

  • Performance Dashboard. Provides real-time insights into campaign performance, helping users to measure success and make data-driven decisions.
  • A/B Testing. Offers the capability to test different strategies simultaneously to determine the most effective approach.

5. Comprehensive CRM Integration

  • Seamless CRM Integrations. Directly integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot, ensuring that lead information and interactions are synchronized and up-to-date.
  • Data Export. Allows for the export of valuable data for further analysis or use in other applications.

Pricing Plans for Zopto

Zopto pricing

Zopto offers several pricing tiers designed to accommodate different types of users, from individual professionals to large agencies and enterprises. Here is a detailed breakdown:

Basic Plan

  • Price: $197 per month for one account.
  • Features: Includes a dedicated campaign success manager, omni-channel smart sequences, 5000 email contacts per month, email enrichment and verification, automated LinkedIn activities (like profile views and post engagement), and more. This plan is ideal for small teams and sales professionals.

Pro Plan

  • Price: $297 per month for one account.
  • Features: Builds on the Basic plan by adding end-to-end AI campaign builders, AI template map library, AI-generated responses, and AI LinkedIn post scheduling. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to leverage advanced AI tools for enhanced LinkedIn automation.

Agency & Enterprise Basic

  • Price: Starts at $156 per month per user, with a minimum requirement of two users. Volume discounts are available for larger teams.
  • Features: Includes all features of the Basic plan along with an agency dashboard, multi-user management, and individual user settings. There’s also a premium agency option available for a one-time fee of $997 that offers extensive white-label capabilities and additional management features.

Agency & Enterprise Pro

  • Price: Starts at $237 per month per user, also requiring at least two users. This plan also offers volume discounts.
  • Features: Includes all features from the Pro plan and the Basic agency plan, tailored to the needs of large businesses or agencies that require a fully AI-powered platform for substantial revenue generation.


Pros and Cons of using Zopto


  1. Feature Richness. Several users appreciated the comprehensive set of features that Zopto offers, including automated LinkedIn messaging and profile views, which are valued for enhancing LinkedIn outreach efforts.
  2. Effective Automation. Users noted that the automation tools, particularly for LinkedIn, effectively help in growing networks and engaging potential clients, thus driving engagement and expanding business networks.
  3. Customer Support (Varied Experiences). Some users highlighted excellent customer support, mentioning that the support team was helpful in addressing queries and issues promptly.


  1. Difficult Cancellation Process. A common issue among users was the difficulty in cancelling subscriptions. Complaints included unresponsive customer service regarding cancellation requests and unexpected charges even after attempting to cancel.
  2. High Pricing. Many users felt that Zopto’s services are overpriced compared to competitors. The cost issue was especially pointed out in relation to the features offered, with some users feeling that similar services could be obtained for less money.
  3. Bug Issues and Unfinished Features. Users reported encountering bugs and what they perceived as unfinished features within the software, which could hinder user experience and effectiveness.
  4. Billing Practices. There were significant grievances about deceptive billing practices. Users reported being charged without adequate notification and a lack of transparency in billing, which some felt seemed designed to catch users off-guard.
  5. Lack of Personalization in Automation. Although the automation features are generally praised, some users were dissatisfied with the limitations in personalizing automated messages, which they felt restricted their ability to tailor interactions to the recipient.


 Customer Reviews

  • G2: 4.4 ⭐ based on 64 reviews.

  • Capterra: 4.3 ⭐based on 66 reviews.

  • Trustpilot: 4.8 ⭐based on 66 reviews.

Comparison with AnyBiz.io

AnyBiz.io is an AI-driven platform designed to optimize B2B lead generation. It automates sales and marketing activities by using artificial intelligence to perform tasks traditionally handled by sales development representatives (SDRs). AnyBiz.io is known for its ability to analyze signals indicating a company’s readiness to buy, identify the right contacts within those companies, and engage them with tailored messages across multiple channels, including email, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Features Comparison: Zopto vs. AnyBiz.io

1. AI Sales Agents

  • Zopto offers basic automation features for LinkedIn activities such as connection requests and messaging.
  • AnyBiz.io employs advanced AI sales agents that replace traditional SDR roles, making strategic decisions on timing, content, and channel to enhance prospect engagement significantly.

2. Multi-Channel Engagement

  • Zopto focuses primarily on LinkedIn for lead generation and engagement.
  • AnyBiz.io extends its outreach across multiple channels, providing a cohesive approach that includes email and Twitter, increasing the touchpoints with potential clients.

3. Automated Email Classification and Response

  • Zopto does not mention capabilities for handling emails beyond LinkedIn messaging.
  • AnyBiz.io features sophisticated email management, classifying incoming emails into categories and responding automatically, thus maintaining engagement without manual intervention.

4. Continuous Operation

  • Zopto services are primarily geared towards LinkedIn automation.
  • AnyBiz.io operates continuously around the clock, adapting to different time zones and maintaining engagement with prospects at all times, making it highly efficient.

5. Personalization and Data Analysis

  • Zopto offers some level of personalization in its campaigns but lacks deeper integration and analysis.
  • AnyBiz.io not only personalizes communications but also uses extensive data analysis to optimize outreach strategies, learning from interactions to refine future campaigns.

6. Free Trial

  • Zopto does not prominently offer a free trial on its platform.
  • AnyBiz.io includes a free trial option, allowing potential users to test the platform and its features before committing financially, providing a risk-free way to evaluate its capabilities.

Why AnyBiz.io Might Be a Better Choice for Some Users

For businesses looking for a more holistic and integrated approach to lead generation, AnyBiz.io presents a compelling option. Its use of AI to automate and personalize outreach across multiple channels, coupled with its continuous operation and advanced data analysis, makes it suitable for companies aiming to scale their lead generation efforts efficiently. Additionally, the free trial offer by AnyBiz.io allows businesses to experience these advanced features firsthand without immediate investment, lowering the entry barrier.

In summary, AnyBiz.io’s extensive use of AI to manage multiple aspects of the sales process, from lead detection to engagement and response, offers a robust alternative to traditional methods and platforms like Zopto, especially for businesses seeking to leverage technology for competitive advantage.


Although both Zopto and AnyBiz.io serve the domain of automated lead generation and engagement, their respective functionalities and operational approaches help to target very different user populations.

Zopto is appropriate for people mostly concerned in improving their LinkedIn profile. It provides strong tools for directly automating connections, messages, and profile interactions inside LinkedIn. For certain possible consumers, nevertheless, problems with customer service—especially with relation to subscription management and billing policies—may discourage them. Furthermore, given the particular features and value Zopto offers, especially in relation to less costly substitutes with comparable functionality, its pricing could be seen as steep relative.

Conversely, AnyBiz.io uses artificial intelligence to automate and maximize multi-channel marketing plans, therefore providing a more complete and holistic approach to lead creation. For companies looking for a complete solution that not only automates but also cleverly controls and improves interactions across multiple channels including email, LinkedIn, and Twitter. AnyBiz.io is especially fit for companies wishing to increase operations without proportionately expanding their sales crew size since it is meant to replace conventional SDR activities with AI-driven sales agents. Its attraction is further enhanced by the free trial, which lets companies assess its capabilities free from first financial commitment.

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